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RE: Kent Dual Drive Tandem 21 Speed Comfort Bike: 26" wheels

I bought this bike summer 2007 for my fiancee (now my wife) and we have enjoyed many great rides together around Toronto and southern Ontario.

A comfortable ride and sharing pedal power makes all the difference in riding harmoniously!

When adjusted correctly, the wheels, gears, brakes, cranks, etc. are all very smooth.

The bike is on the heavy side and the seats are designed for comfort, not long, perforance rides.

The low gear range is great for going up long, steep hills, but we've often wished for a faster high gear for downhill.

Overall, we've found the value of this Kent product to be very satisfactory.

-Ryan & Kristin

The following reviews explain why I insist on completing the assembly, test ride, and quality check before selling each Tandem. In some cases these reviews may refect improper assembly, or factory issues right out of the box which I identify and resolve before selling each bike. With over 50 bikes sold from this factory run since April 2009, the only service issues I've received was a few customers who reported improperly assembled seats from the factory (an issue I subsequently added to my checklist resolve before selling each bike).

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