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Dual Drive Features

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Summary: Kent's 21 speed dual drive tandem bike features wide soft gel saddles, extra-wide road/trail tires, and an easy-access frame for a comfortable ride for two.

Description: Enjoy a bicycle built for two without breaking the bank with the Kent Dual Drive tandem comfort bike. The durable, high-quality bike is comfortable and stylish, with a pair of soft gel saddles and extra-wide, bump-gobbling 2.1-inch tires. The components, meanwhile, are built for long-lasting use, including the 21-speed Shimano drive train, Revo twist shifters, and powerful alloy linear pull V brakes. Best of all, the frame features low stand-over heights (29 inches in the front and 20 inches in back), making it easy for both riders to hop on. Also equipped with a pair of water bottle holders and a heavy-duty kickstand, the tandem bike is perfect for people who want to spend a little quality time with a spouse or good friend.

Key Benefits
* Rear seat adjusts for riders 4.5 to 6 feet tall
* Provides great cycling experience for younger
children or person with special needs

Technical Features: * Shimano drivetrain * Revo twist shifters * Linear pull brakes * Lightweight alloy wheels * 2.1-inch wide street/trail hybrid tires * Easy-access frame with low stand over heights (29" in front, 20" in back) * Wide, comfortable gel seats with springs * Two water bottle holders * All steel frame, with alloy components

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